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Monthly Archives: May 2006

samsung a900 – “the blade”


I got a new celly when I hopped onboard the sprint sero band wagon. so far, all in all, it is pretty sweet. I dig the phone, but I miss a couple of features my v710 moto (and probably most motos) have. I also had to change my #, which is totally lame, complete # […]



so I’ve always thought house was an “ok” fox show. one of the better ones, I guess, though I’ve only seen 5-8 episodes. but damn, the latest ep – season 2 finale was pretty fuckin’ intense. I am wishin’ I hadn’t just decided to watch it just before bed. yeah, guess I’m sort’ve a wuss, […]

I got a fat lip


I spent my precious lunch hour (and a half) today with my jaw ajar and two pairs of hands doing nasty feeling and sounding things to my food grinders… if the drill sound was pleasant, like a gushing tropical waterfall, the experience would be half so bad. someone should invent that. instead, you get that […]

steven colbert


I’ve started watching the colbert report, fairly religiously, because of his incredible candor in his white house correspondance address 3 weeks ago. bless this man and his forcing of conservative americans from under their respective rocks. google video has the video – do see it if you haven’t

dork acceptance ch 1


so sweet to be me. example: a 1/4th remaining 40oz of olde english sits in my fridge besides organic soymilk. yum! :D

longing for her


there are many fish in the sea… what does it take to get hooked on just one? the eyes reminds us of beauty and opportunity all around us. yet the heart, remains vigilant, transfixed. even when her actions yield more pain than joy. thoughts – am I on her mind, does her heart stir? does […]

the other pocket contains “Loose Change” too


my friends, to some of you I directly distributed the documentary “Loose Change 2nd Ed.” who’s purpose was to present “the truth” of 9/11. therefore I feel somewhat obligated to present this as well. I admit, I bought into the theories presented fairly readily and excitedly. partially due to the fact that I am, as […]

e-miscommunications more often than you may think


in my day, I’ve communicated a great deal electronically, more than most my age. while this has brought some advantages to my career, I am ‘guilty’ of disclosing important and deeply complicated ideas and emotions via text… somewhat recently I have truly realized, through painstaking trial & error processes, this is a horrible way to […]

“out of tune”


the musical conoseuir will undoubtedly recognize the foremost reason for the title of this song. funny how inspiration strikes us. enjoy. listen to song “outoftune”

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