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the other pocket contains “Loose Change” too

my friends, to some of you I directly distributed the documentary “Loose Change 2nd Ed.” who’s purpose was to present “the truth” of 9/11. therefore I feel somewhat obligated to present this as well.

I admit, I bought into the theories presented fairly readily and excitedly. partially due to the fact that I am, as most of us are, extremely fed up with the current administration, so I feverishly accepted much of the slander and conspiracy without much thought or any research of my own.

today I came across and ended up reading all the way through (suprising for lazy me) this well researched counter-point article to the Loose Change film:

it is a thorough and critical debunking of the theories and statements presented in Loose Change. if Loose Change fascinated you, so will this.

eventhough the article/guide’s author has a personal vendetta against the Loose Change creators, as shown by his mostly unnecessary sarcastic remarks and shit tossings, he brings additional facts and questions the Loose Change film neglects. it is a little bothersome that he lays into them so negatively at times, but I suppose that’s the name of the game. my most shocking revalation was discovering how obscenely questionable the flim’s evidence sources came from. guys like karl schwarz are no where near credible enough for the films conclusions. google him and you too will quickly see why.

please, if you saw, or plan to see “Loose Change” also spend some time going through this guide.

my lesson today: stay skeptical, especially of the skeptics.

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    – the DOD released a video of Flight 77 striking the Pentagon on 9/11, TODAY. the clip is of terrible quality and basically proves nothing beyond a shadow of a doubt. it will only fuel Conspiracy Theorists further.
    karl schwarz int’l man of mystery?

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