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the next big thing is….?

one of these days alice… one of these days…. straight to the moon!

what the fuck is the next big thing. something new needs to grab the world’s web experience.
it will be:
entertaining (pandora, homestarrunner, youtube & myspace …as much as I dislike those last two)
pretty and modern ( has so many neat things, gimme more plz?)
-somewhat informative (dvorak’s blog, digg, SvN)
interactive and personalizable to a degree to encourage return users
-have a community or collection of communities (slickdeals and digg for 2)
be fucking different than digg (I’m lookin’ at you beta) or /. or delicious

I’m thinking… jon stewart meets ‘wow hey charles, look at this new stupidly cool looking/fuctional gadget’ meets family guy meets snazzy “web 2.0” interface … what a stupid ass way to look at things. this is why I haven’t created anything woah yet. this idea train is just rehashing/regurgitating popular things. fuckittyfuck creativity is hard.

and wtf is this? bah.. back to the “gRriNd”

…..I just had a vision, it now exists outside my head on the back of “real work” notes. man this thing could be huge. way too much for me to do alone… shit!!
I want to php on top of sqlite/mysql but.. I’m thinking like this tech is old and laborous to develop. how good is Ruby on Rails anyway? what sites actually run it? (digg?) I don’t really like the MVC code design… but I don’t fully understand it either. what should I develop in? (python? big at google..?! ….NET??!) shit! shit!! SHIT!! heheh..

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