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Monthly Archives: July 2006



Dur.. Diablo II! jeez… of all the time I spent in that game, it didn’t even occur to me unconciously that I chose a name I already knew. I was trying to get Tyrian (or Tyrion) – the dwarf from A Game of Thrones, but they were taken. So I constructed Tyrael from much trial […]

I wish I had an opera singer


MISSSTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!! (20 points to the person who knows this reference) I should not have posted so many of my thoughts in public view.  it dissuades the ever alluring unknown.  mystery, my friends, is sexy. granted I’ve cut back, predominately because things are generally better.  I don’t regret what I’ve done, it helped quell relentless thought […]

ze frank iz le funzay


DUCKIE!! sports racers! hard chargers!?!? o rly? lolz! the guy has a face like gumby, an uncanny will to not blink while on camera, and the ability to speak REALLY REALLY FAST with oober emphasis and enunciation many pubic speakers (e.g. EL PRESIDENTE) would be very jealous of!! …a commanding power over ze tongue. anyway, […]

more wasted thought energy


it only takes a fleeting moment of weakness to bring about long arduous moments of agony. triggered by a memory of a better time, perhaps one of the best of my life… a monday night no more than 2 months ago, tho time is quickly passing, memory to a blur… I’ve been pondering a couple […]

dreams and the death of reality


I vividly dreamt about a series of events that if occured, would be cliche – a dream come true. ….everyone hates waking from a nice dream, y’know, the kind in which everything is just as it “should” be. this dream was based strongly on reality it felt real – that the fact that it wasn’t […]

miss the little miss..


my sense of impending doom by eternal lonliness is tingling like a freakin’ solid square blow to the skull by the butt end of a rifle….. the strike ripples through my body in a way that effects everything but the sending me into an unconsious state of bliss part… I keep thinking about how freakin’ […]

kids these days….


so in considering my past, I imagine if I were a teenager growing up today, I’d be into YouTube vlogging and shit too. text(ing) is like so, for in class and junk. to keep myself acclimated to the upandcoming generation, I make myself watch some of these vlogs. (ok, the cute girls and funny lookin’ […]

free flowing anxiety


I am horribly anxious right now: my stomach slightly upset, neck aching, hands slightly sweaty, mind restless and lacking focus… like I’ve had too much coffee and too little sleep.  neither of which are entirely true. I’ve been a sufferer of ‘free flowing anxiety’ for as long as I can remember.  yeah, now I could […]

sigh – home in the past, home for the future


well, I did it… a weekend at home without seeing or calling her. for the most part it was easy. but at times it was also excrutionately difficult as well. the situations I was in did not help at all. I was among 2 couples, my good friends and their respective girlfriends. while I remained […]

sleep.. :( :(


I am losing sleep over this again, and I’m pretty pissed off about it.  something inside me  cries out WHY why why why… LOUD and persistent enough to wake me.  at which point all my logical senses kick in and scream back – SHUT THE FUCK UP!! *why* does not matter!!  yet it is of no solace, no comfort.  […]

Protected: independance day


There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

pinky blood part 1 (?)


decided to sing part of a blahog from the other day… for some reason it sounds like something you might hear from the era of slavery…? (guess) it reflects my melancholy… listen to “pinky blood by staple remover“

starts so simply ends so tragically


my downhill slope is fast and relentless… it sure would be fun to ride down physically. to begin with, I’ve been pretty “sad” today anyway – so the emotional ride down the slope is pretty fucking miserable. I see a (slick)deal for rollerblades… I immediately think, hey! this would be fun to pick up again […]