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wow for lyfe?

after my first year, I had some major disagreements w/the guild I was in at the time – my after-work investments for the guild were insufficient so I was booted.  I was still putting in 15-20 hours a week… so I took it as a sign to quit and did so.  it was very liberating… for about 6 months.

thank you for posting your insight Tom, and inspiring me to write a bit myself.  I had been a WoW’r for about a 1.3 years, beginning when the game came out nov of 2004.  after getting two entirely separate characters to 60 and finally getting fed up with “drama” – I was able to quit…. for 6 months. I went back last month (July) when a couple real-life friends con’d me into it.  I was resistent at first but have been enjoying “the grind” all over again.  but even in spite of enjoyment, I disdain it – I relate strongly to the terms “time sink” and ‘stolen creative time’ … I feel hopeless to change this at present.

I’m worried about it and constantly feel as if I do not have enough time in my day… do I call for help or make yet another run for that shiney blue plate chest piece? the latter so far continues to triumph.

hooyay non-productive feelings of productivity!

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