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wow pvp omg wtf <3 bbq yay!!!!!

since leaving my friends in the dust as far as leveling goes, I’ve picked up pvp as a pasttime (until they catch up.. hopefully). I’ve always enjoyed it to some degree, but never as much as now that I’ve found the warrior class to be freaking awesome. while sadly I lack the ability to be a flag carrier, I am superb on defense, especially when paired up with some hunter(s) and or mages. I can take down single targets like no tomorrow.

as an aside, pvp on the whole is annoying, frustrating and full of childish bickering. alliance loses so very often, and makes me miss horde at times but all in all it’s the same BS on either side.

last night, 5 minutes before server shutdown I hopped in a AB game… it was full of 49s – a rarity in itself – all of high(er) rank. we won AB by capturing all locations within 4 minutes. it was absolutely astonishing: the victory screen followed immediately by “disconnected from server.” for the alliance indeed!

let me back up a bit – I’ve been playing WSG primarily, to earn this which I did a few days ago. but lately I’ve been hopping back and forth between AB and WSG. a lil variety in an oft frustrating as hell horde pvp dominance.

here’s some far and few between victory screenshots – this one from an absolutely exhillarating come-back win from a seemingly enivitable loss at 2-0, to 15 minutes later rejoicing in 2-3 – can you tell I was on defense? ;)
wsg last night

this next one was from a few nights ago, one of the 2 out of 8-10 AB games lately that we actually won. I did not die until I noticed I was up to 14 killing blows and got cocky. :) good times.
ab few nights ago

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