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screw you blizzard

to blizzard support:

for some reason, you *still* can’t get this shit (routine maintance?!) done on time. after nearly 2 years of running this game, and an near infinite amount of money to keep things moving forward, why can’t you bring servers back online ON TIME on a regular basis?!

your developers and artists are incredibly talented. the vision of the world and its implementation are astounding and revolutionary. I am only pissed off you’ve stolen so much of my life once in awhile.

so, OK, you have 4+ million subscribers, it’s a huge load; but that’s A LOT OF FUCKING MONEY. you could hire 4 million monkeys to do the same job your support staff does now. I’m sure there ARE exceptions, but WTF: your forums and your web servers go down when your game servers aren’t back up in time. there are a LOT of pissed off people wanting answers and rarely are they provided.

are you so greedy and inconsiderate that making deadlines is like a reward to your loyal subscribers? do we not pay you $13-$15 contractually such that you provide us a service? I feel like you nickle and dime us by constantly missing “deadlines.”

you are a drug dealer with all the supply in the universe; does this increase in temporary demand by pushing people to the ends of their patience actually provide benefits? if so I can’t imagine what sort.

No, I won’t stop giving you my money. Yes I pre-ordered your fucking collectors edition Burning Crusade expansion. I am simply disappointed in your irresponsibility to adapt, or at the very least, inability to be more upfront and honest with those who love you.

I pay and therefore I have the right and the privilege to bitch. *PLEASE* FIX YOUR SHIT BEFORE THE EXPANSION.

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