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games of greatest gravity (on me – part one?)

top 5’s of all time – impressions of these games were made generally when they were released, so I’ve tried take that into account as best I can recall.

the Final Fantasy series games originally Square, and now Square-Enix (Squeenix) are loved by me immensely.

1.) I heart Final Fantasy 3 (US)
“How ’bout a little magitek mayhem?” -Kefka
“Uwee hee hee! Don’t tease the octopus, kids!” -Ultros
“Mr. Thou! Mr. Thou!” -Gau
“In this world there are many like me who have killed their emotions. Don’t forget that.” -Shadow

2.) FF VII “My mother is Jenova. She died right after she gave birth to me. My father… ha ha ha…” -Sephiroth

3.) FF X“Outside the dream world, life can be harsh–even cruel, but it is life.” -Auron

4.) FF IX
5.) FF XI

FF XII is fastly moving up this list though I will not place it until I finish it. I expect it to end up between 3 and 7… I doubt anything will topple the effect FF III had on me the first time I played through it, but it is too soon to call!

* Dragon Warrior 1 (2 and 3), Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross deserve honorable mentions (at the very least) while I am on the topic of Squeenix.

Blizzard (North) games:

1.) Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction  World of Warcraft
Diablo II (LoD) / World of Warcraft

2.) Starcraft (Brood war)
3.) Diablo I
4.) Warcraft 2
5.) Warcraft 1

this one was tough. I was obsessed with these games and owe a great deal of my years (15-25) engrossed in these extremely addictive games. WoW and D2 tied, though this may change with additional forthought. each are cause of a significant portion of joy and depression (time laden.)

WC1 outed WC3 because of the time I was in it. it was the first computer game I could really play, at school mind you, as a TA long before I had a PC of my own capable of … well, anything fun.

this list inspired by my buddy abram who’s put up his:
My most memorable video games.”

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