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quit one to play two!

so, earlier this month I canceled my WoW account (for the 2nd time) due to (renewed) lack o’ interest. I wrote previously about when I reactivated it. for the past few weeks, I couldn’t be happier about not having the WoW because I have my lovely bunches of fantasy (amongst other as-of-yet undisclosed fun.)

final fantasy three
…for DS. I’m digging it. it is a traditional an rpg as you can get and the graphics+sound are just good/bad enough to fall right in the niche – think (SNES) FF6 gameplay + (PSX) FF7 system capabilities. I’ve played about 4 hours scattered across nearly a week. the great thing about it is it is easy to pick up, fight a couple battles and put down again without fear of losing your gamestate before an area where you can save (world map) – the quicksave option is nice in case of low battery.

my biggest complaint is the load times are frequent and slightly-sluggish: between battle&worldmap, shifting between your guys and actually fighting in battle, and (most annoying of all) “party menu” get in the way a bit but what can you do, it’s not a deal breaker.

 rating so far: 4 out of 5 twinkley Nater-stars.

final fantasy twelve
takes up near all my free time off work, off gym, off watching tv while I eat, and off the phone. it is fun as hell and intricate enough to blow hours away without really progressing through the plot much – though the more time you spend preparing, leveling, gearing up the more fun your story progression is (imho.)

the story is pretty grood; while a little tedious at times, the characters generally make it worthwhile – I actually care about them! the graphics+sound are stunning for a playstation 2 title. I couldn’t be more impressed at the near lack of load times. sure, it’ll take a bit before a FMV but it’s worth it, the cutscene movies are also fantastic.

 rating so far: 4.75 out of 5 twinkley Nater-stars.

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