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Daily Archives: December 8th, 2006

how far will your car go?


betcha not 1,000,000 miles like Peter Gilbert’s 1989 Saab 900 SPG. pretty damn impressive; only other vehicles I’ve heard going this far are old(er) toyota trucks [got a link? I can’t find shit]. my bro has an early 90s Saab and he recently rebuilt the transmission, I wonder how far his will go.

the yule logs at duffy’s tavern (chico rocks)


the yule logs rock the holiday/christmas spirit! I really enjoyed their show last night, nothing like seeing friends and enjoying a bit of holiday cheer. all was good except for the fact that it was so fuckin’ packed (crammed in like sardines style, yo) in duffy’s I couldn’t find a comfortable place to stand… nor […]

addictive tower defense gameplay


my buddy abram told me about this game a few days ago. I asked him not to send it to me. yesterday I broke down and searched for it on digg… found it and blew a few hours out of my day strategizing and getting utterly (and consistently) destroyed around wave 60+ (personal high score […]