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cables matter – the overlooked PS2 component cable factor

naraku presents: a brief homage to the wonders that are component cables; a side-by-side comparison to composite cables; a ps2 component cable review.

I had a problem with my Playstation 2 on my 42″ Westinghouse LCD: using the composite cables included, it looked like utter shit! …I almost broke down and hooked it back up to my 27″ CRT. fortunately, there is a (relatively) cheap and effective way to recover lost quality due to stretched resolution issues from using a big screen – component cables.

using component cables, the color reproduction is increased an (arbitrarily biggish) factor of 7. there is a small downside however, where blur was with composite cables, component now shows you crisp pixel edges often called “jaggies”. in our humble opinion, the jaggies are far less annoying (by a factor of 38) than the blur. see for yourself.

here are some shots of my TV playing Final Fantasy XII that acutely demonstrates the dramatic improvement component cables make on image quality.

using composite:
using component:
composite - vaan component - vaan

read on for more sample shots… no spoilers here, promise.

composite: component:
composite - chocobo logo component - chocobo logo
composite: component:
composite - ffxii crystal component - ffxii crystal

moral of the story: component cables FTW.

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