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website owner? want traffic? check this out

so, you set up your site, it’s got some cool stuff. but nobody is coming. why?! here’s a quick and dirty way to get the link out.

first of all, especially if it is brand new, go ahead and submit it to the biggies:

second, since google is the most prevalent of search engines today, it would be in your best interests to explore the utilities that they have set up to us:

I just set up a sitemap (a rather tedious task) in hopes it will improve googlebots enjoyment of naraku. seochat has a good exploration of the info a sitemap provides googlebot.

lastly, there is a huge market for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – quite the buzz word for webmasters. lots of people claim they can get you on the top search results if you pay them to do so. it’s up to you. I am taking the cheap route and doing it myself whereever possible.

these sites have some decent info though they are not exactly pretty to look at, and not much of it is all that recent:

this list will be continually updated as I research and find the best of the best.

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