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naraku the story

the story behind the name is long and sorta sappy, but I won’t go into much of that. here’s the short relavent version:

Naraku is a Japanese word with many translations:

kanji: 奈落
english:naraku – (n) hell, hades, eternity, theater basement

  • what Naraku use to mean to me:
  •   – eternity is what we had in mind. it was, for a time, the word and symbol of our love. first love’s forever, right? yeah, right. so that’s it. since that’s been over for nearly 5 years, it has become my domain name of choice and will remain in my possession until an act of God or otherwise forces me to give it up. actually the word has proven quite ironic – considering its other meanings and the demise of the said us.

  • what Naraku now means to me:
  •   – first of all, I like alliterations: Nate’s Naraku Net. I suggest everyone use more of em. they tickle the tongue and the tympanic tunnel. in addition, the word Naraku itself sounds cool no matter what language or dialect you speak. try it.
      – trouble pronouncing? listen here – nate’s naraku network, I am dork hear me roar.
      – Is there really such a negative connontation for this word among Japanese? I’ll find out, special report due out soon.

  • what Naraku is not:
  •   – an inuyasha character, seriously. most of my search engine hits are from that little shit. while he does sound like a badass villian, he has absolutely no place on this site. wikipedia’s entire entry on naraku is devoted to him.
      – an underworld solice for myself; it has evolved a lot since then. the word has taken on a new meaning for me – for a long time it served as a destination for my depressed thoughts. now that much of the need for that is gone, a new name may be more appropriate… special report on new name due soon.

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