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Daily Archives: August 2nd, 2007

Fiesta initial review

02-Aug-07‘s mmorpg game Fiesta is fresh and pretty cool. I registered about a week ago and received the invite to the “Closed Beta 2” today. after which, it was downloaded (rather quickly, 800kb/s+) and played a few hours. my level 8 mage is humming along. so far it is extremely reminicent of Ragnarok Online. not […]

3360×1050 resolution (dual monitors) essential to uber productivity


I am in awe and love with my dual monitor setup. I’ve had similar setups before, but never as slick as this. it is just heavenly. even now, with the second monitor sitting idle w/one of my own sunset horizon photographs as its background I am content. I consider this setup fairly modest. i.e. I […]