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Fiesta initial review‘s mmorpg game Fiesta is fresh and pretty cool. I registered about a week ago and received the invite to the “Closed Beta 2” today. after which, it was downloaded (rather quickly, 800kb/s+) and played a few hours. my level 8 mage is humming along.

so far it is extremely reminicent of Ragnarok Online. not to say this is a bad thing, in fact, if you were to combine Dungeon Runners and RO you’d get the hybrid, Fiesta. silly name yes fun nonetheless.

the anime style npc characters are clean and well drawn. the base classes are: mage, cleric, fighter, archer. the learning curve is about ~15 minutes til you’re hack n’ slashin’ slimes and mushrooms. leveling is a fun and anticipated occasion. not only does your character’s power grow rather quickly, but NPC’s seek you out – that is, when you go back to town to talk to them, they will offer you quests that will give you minor loot, money, and exp. the usual questish rewards really but so far it is kind of fun.

apparently, cleric and fighter are the most “over-powered.” anyone who’s ever played WoW or any other mainstream mmo knows how relentless people harp on the nerf/overpoweredness of certain classes versus others.

there seems to be quite a buzz on servers; there are some long time players that are “hardcore.” this of course, is to be expected as many of our kind prefer to immerse themselves in virtual creation than furthering their own pathetic lives. these people are to be ignored.

in short – this game has potential as a major time sink (for better and worse.) I will be playing another few hours at least, splitting my time (as it were) between dungeon runners and fiesta. my thoughts will (probably) be posted here. as well as some screenshots, laziness aside.

thank you for throwing yet another productivity detraction in my path.