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desires and ponderances

life is funny. why do we always want what we can’t exactly have? is the grass truly greener on the other side of the fence? by gods it so often looks so. but most of us cannot jump into a new life direction simply because it appears greener.

maybe it’s genetics – there is some gene that permits the risk takers to leap at their very whim into incredibily adventerous and uncharted realms? for a large part, I envy these individuals. but a small, yet significant, part of myself enjoys who I am. I calculate my risks carefully; assessing my personal and professional situations thoroughly (oft to the point of madness) before the leap.

I have my moments though. maybe I have the recessive of the gene – when I’m truly stuck by beauty, I’ll leap. otherwise, I sit, wait, and ponder endlessly awaiting those moments of clarity….

hense here I sit… on the brink……