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Fiesta open beta begins


I hopped in again, started 3 new ppl. all the classes are belong to me. but am I going to level them all? hell no. am I going to level one back to the level I had my Closed Beta 2 mage prior to it’s envitible demise? Maybe. so far I’m liking the Cleric class the most.

if you don’t know wtf I’m talking about, here’s a good starting point Outspark’s page.

and fyi – I applied for a job there this week. the game seems to have a lot of potential, figured I’d love to get in on dat action while the gettin’ be good. the company is HQ’d in SF… so, if I actually did get a job there, I’d probably move closer. who knows though. I probably won’t even get an acknowledgement e-mail.

cest. la. ve.