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Fiesta Kingdom Quest is Broken

in this post I discuss variables, ideas to fix, and tips refering to’s game Fiesta.

how many variables could their be? (not including non-disclosed ones)

for 15 spots and 5 chances – 75 people get to play per 2 hours -> 900 plays per day.

that’s a pretty small number considering how frackin’ popular the open beta is becoming.

first of all, how many level 5-16 people (speaking on King Slime KQ) on at any one time who are aware of the KQ – (as time goes this is certainly increasing) – oh, lets say how about 49%.
so 49% of… a few hundred… a few thousand? anyway, that sucks!

maybe connection speed? probably-certainly. I pity any dialup players, and imagine in it’s current state the game is unplayable especially in jam packed places such as roumen.

reflexes? doubtful. there are far too many variables for even the most reflexy of anyone to get in everytime. even still, I hold essentially hold my breath for the final 10-15 secs before a recruitment begins. Ugh.

My Idea to Fix Fiesta Kingdom Quest:
an internal Fiesta player priority Queue! this seems plausible, and come on, a damn good idea. it’s simple: 1st – monitor what players have partipated that day, and give them a lower priority. 2nd – monitor the level of people attempting to join, higher levels get a slightly higher priority; or maybe people lower than 8 levels to upper level cap get a lower priority.

Besides all that, I’ve tried a few tips/tricks with little increase in success – really doesn’t seem to make a frackin’ difference.
– LEAVE crowded areas, don’t huddle around the KQ guy.
– hold down participate button so that you only have to LET the button go when recruitment starts.
– be as quick as you can, but also patient – I know, it fuckin’ blows.
– try to play KQ at off PST peak hours (after midnight? before 8am?)
– log off and back on a minute or two before recruiting. it is rumored this alleviates acrued lag.

hopefully Outspark will fix the issue by adding more instance opportunities (possibly a bad idea in the long run) or taking my suggestion and giving me a job to implement it :).

good luck out there, Isya Fans.

Update – 9/14/07 –
as of about a week ago, outspark added a few more instances of the more popular KQs. this has somewhat bandaided the problem by simply allowing more supply to the demand. furthermore, I have not been offered a job at outspark.

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