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Monthly Archives: September 2007

outspark fiesta gold farming update


I have noticed a somewhat steady increase on cracking down on the annoyance these groups poise to the players of Fiesta. it is also likely an unnecessary draw on outspark’s server resources. anyway, it seems like the GM’s are being more vigilant in banning the people as they are seen/reported. just today I saw a […]

Tastes Like Happy update


The Beta Test Has Begun! Are you in it? Bet you’re not. Sucks to be you! Oh alright, not that badly. It’ll be public next week. Stay tuned to – Tastey Things Are A Comin’!

old habits die hard


I’m tired, blurry eyed, yawning, yet the mind is relentlessly seeking “accomplishment.” my project TLH is nearly ready for public consumption. I’m uneasy, because I am having trouble squelching perfectionistic urges. everything must be in it’s place. all features. blah. is the taste window too small?!? shit, maybe I should redo it. man this time […]

Tastes Like Happy is coming.


the delicious TLH is entering beta next week. FOR FRACKIN’ SURE. yay! Tastes Like Happy represents the past 2 months of my independant work. as the sole designer, developer, Q&A guy, project manager, technology evangelist and visionary, it was pretty tough keeping everything together. this isn’t to say I haven’t enjoyed it, oh I have. […]

outspark ‘investigating gold spammers’ in fiesta


it was bound to happen, a somewhat “official” statement. they offer little info but who’s to blame them. I’m still suspicious of their involvement in the gold selling. the message reads as follows: Attention Fiesta Players, The Game Master team has been doing some investigations on the issue of “Gold Spammers” running rampantly in our […]

enhancement woes


outspark’s fiesta draws you in by displaying cutesy animey pretty 3d worlds and characters along with many shiney weapons and armors. but as for the latter-est, do not try if you are prone to depression. I earned the clever title “Unlucky enhancer” after losing my 4th piece of equipment.. OK, that’s fine, most of those […]

outspark “new” revenue model is gold farming?


outspark may be making money afterall. after skimming threads such as this, basically identical to most the floods of complaints, it makes me go hmm as there is no offical statement on the matter (afaik.) it is known that: outspark has numerous foreign offices – at least one other “official” in Seoul, KR (source). or, […]

apolino? uh, new fiesta server and junk


so, I blew most of an otherwise unproductive day playing, oh yes, fiesta. of notable, uh, note: – my main reached Hawk Archer level… (the level up quest was much easier as Mage for some reason) – outspark opened a new server, finally. – the patch that came with the new server, occasionally sends you […]