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outspark “new” revenue model is gold farming?

outspark may be making money afterall. after skimming threads such as this, basically identical to most the floods of complaints, it makes me go hmm as there is no offical statement on the matter (afaik.)

it is known that: outspark has numerous foreign offices – at least one other “official” in Seoul, KR (source). or, more likely, the “gold farms” are shadow entities of Outspark’s primary investing company “Altos” – not a bad way to earn a quick return on ones investment, eh?

the concept in question, “gold farming,” goes way back. it is essentially, a sweat shop for people (stereotypically, Chinese) (and sometimes bots) playing the “game” 24 hours a day, “earning” in-game currency or “power leveling” for sale on these websites. this allows players, not into the grind typically required to obtain such sums or ascend to such levels, to exchange the in-game services for real-life money. it is a scorned process but very popular nonetheless; tis taboo if you will.

my biggest personal complaint is the blatent lack of respect in *advertising* these gold vendoring websites. in the case of Fiesta, bots/people sit in major towns and spam in the “shout” channel – “ customer respect is number one to you.” yes, the engrish is that bad and often worse. what’s worse, there is no /ignore command in Fiesta, no blacklist, shitlist, fracklist, nothing. these people spam all day and all night. often even when a “GM” (gamemaster, moderator if you will) is on.

so, does it not make you go hmm? this isn’t a bad idea either. and if it’s the extent of it, and we continue to play for free, I guess I’m OK with it. there really isn’t anything illegal going on, so long as the gold buyers aren’t getting ID theft, etc… gold farm sites are pretty f’n sketchy.

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