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enhancement woes

outspark’s fiesta draws you in by displaying cutesy animey pretty 3d worlds and characters along with many shiney weapons and armors. but as for the latter-est, do not try if you are prone to depression.

I earned the clever title “Unlucky enhancer” after losing my 4th piece of equipment.. OK, that’s fine, most of those were extra. but, as if I hadn’t had enough, I try again this morning, for enhancing something of great value to me – my pristine shiney, overly expensive to replace steel crossbow. with yet another “LUCKY ELRUE” obtained I considered, hey, lucky, no way it’ll do the worst case scenario…. not only did the enhancement fail w/the so-called lucky elrue on the very first try, but I lost the item.

instead of quitting on the spot, I’ve been playing most of the morning hoping that with the bad, comes the good. no such fracking luck. 2nd MARA KQ with an empty chest bullshit.

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