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outspark ‘investigating gold spammers’ in fiesta

it was bound to happen, a somewhat “official” statement. they offer little info but who’s to blame them. I’m still suspicious of their involvement in the gold selling.

the message reads as follows:

Attention Fiesta Players,

The Game Master team has been doing some investigations on the issue of “Gold Spammers” running rampantly in our servers. We realize that this is becoming a big problem for our players and we are doing our best to eliminate these players from our community. Rest assured that we are doing our very best to make Fiesta and Outspark, free of these menaces.

In light of the situation, we have already completed a number of investigations, which has resulted in the banning of multiple accounts. There may be still some spammers in game, but we are doing our best to eliminate these players, completely.

Thank You for your patience and Happy Gaming to all

– GM Break

from what I’ve read on the forums, this is mostly regurgitation of key words used in complaints. it’s probably pretty effective at squelching most of the crying.

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