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outspark fiesta gold farming update

I have noticed a somewhat steady increase on cracking down on the annoyance these groups poise to the players of Fiesta. it is also likely an unnecessary draw on outspark’s server resources. anyway, it seems like the GM’s are being more vigilant in banning the people as they are seen/reported. just today I saw a GM Notice “Elderine is clean!” so that’s good, I suppose. I’d still love an ignore feature, though. I am tired of filtering out /shout messages, sometimes it is useful.

the next plague, and probably one very related to the first (gold farm), is low level bots that are everywhere. and who can blame them, I’ve thought about setting my own up, those low level mats are pretty valuable. I just haven’t gotten around to it because it is cheating. and for some reason, I’m against that.

I am currently level 27 archer, impatiently plugging away to 28 so I can put on my new cute archer shorts.

that’s it for now. good luck out there Isyans.

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