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Monthly Archives: October 2007

ridiculous amont of Fiesta “botting” and the cure


found this over at … badly drawn but very true to the point! I’ve done this a couple times with great joy as the outcome. it’s time we take back Moonlight Tomb from the bots! fight!!!

Fiesta Guild Action


as an archer, soloing is not my forte. therefore, I am somewhat use to going days on end without a group so basically no progression. yesterday I was fortunate enough to find some cool people to group with. as we went along, I was even more fortuate to receive a whisper from a guild leader […]

new Futurama comith


Soon? Not sure how soon. Sooooooooooooon, though.

wifi-geek t-shirt


I don’t usually think these kinds of things are “cool” but this one, well, is. presenting the t-shirt that really detects and displays to all the strength of wifi signals in your immediate vicinity. g33k0l1c10us! you can buy it at thinkgeek – though it’s currently out of stock.

Fiesta level 30 … money woes continue


when you reach 30, you are thrown into a realm of uber spending, especially if your skills are backlogged. I’m up to ~25s, and basically need another 10s to buy everything I need to catch up to my level. the main disadvantage of the Fiesta economy over WoW’s is the lack of an offline ability […]