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Fiesta level 30 … money woes continue

when you reach 30, you are thrown into a realm of uber spending, especially if your skills are backlogged.

I’m up to ~25s, and basically need another 10s to buy everything I need to catch up to my level.

the main disadvantage of the Fiesta economy over WoW’s is the lack of an offline ability to make money. in order to sell to other players in Fiesta, you must be logged in and in “vendor” mode. in which you are allowed to sell *5* different types of items (some are stackable, such as mats(materials).) this is pretty inconvenient for most people.

the best tip I can give is gather up what you want to sell and leave it on over night. there are plenty of players in different timezones such that you will have people buying, if your price is right, and there is some demand for what you’re sellin’.

tonight I sell Tier2 mats — hopefully I will make a couple of silver.

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