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Fiesta Guild Action

as an archer, soloing is not my forte. therefore, I am somewhat use to going days on end without a group so basically no progression. yesterday I was fortunate enough to find some cool people to group with. as we went along, I was even more fortuate to receive a whisper from a guild leader who’s guild I was actually interested in joining! (lately guild invites have almost turned into spam – maybe that’s what happens at level 3x) so, after a minor inquisition aka the 20 question prod, I was invited to join. TemplarKnights is a small group of people now but they’re all olderish like me. this means the immaturity is mostly filtered at the gate, so that’s super. I also met someone into Song of Ice and Fire books – freakin’ bad ass btw.

so, if you’re having troubles in your early 30s as a support class – though in a way they are all support classes – get yourself in a good guild. if the guild is asking you to pay to get in, chances are they will invite you, take it and ban you. so beware and don’t be a pest, nobody likes beggers.

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