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on fiesta, and getting burned out…

I haven’t played in over a week! maybe it’s that my guild is on avg, nearly 10 lvls higher than I (the elven archer of yore), and not all that in a hurry to help me out (they have a pretty consistent group of ppl… I’m not one of them) and my other char (27 fighter) isn’t as fun to play… nor is as rich.

I can trace this burned-outness to two sources: a long thanksgiving weekend without playing and the fact that I put my two mains on two different servers (Teva and Bijou) … MISTAKE! can’t pool my resources, nor associate with my contacts made on both servers.

If outspark enacted the STORE to actually sell useful things like character transfer, I’d be all over it. and although I understand the server imbalance risks in a character transfer feature… it CAN work. oh well… seems doubtful as outspark is slow moving with anything all that useful.

and now random screenshot time:

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