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Monthly Archives: January 2008

hot pockets


had your lunch stolen from the communial fridge like this guy? in this case, jim “hoooot pockets” gaffigan (probably) thinks he did you a favor:

the fascination with scien-tom-ology continues


yet more scientomology; pretty good yeah, that’s all me. right, well I digress, people just love following the life and times of crazy people. and in tom and katie’s case, fame just adds buckets of fuel to the so extra-unordinary-fire. anyway, while checking out my hitlog, I found that this cruise cuote on the goog, […]

Outspark makers of Fiesta – company & store update


I’ve blahogged previously many times about this Fiesta thing. it’s going to be big – already at a claimed one million users. nevermind the fact that I haven’t played in weeks, I have some friends that are as hardcore dedicated to it as those WoW’ing fanatical friends most everyone knows at least one. according to […]

Federated Media tech does Doggie-BBQ


Featuring J-dizzle Q-masta cookin’ up some Chicken Apple saus’g and (starring) hebrew national : hebrew national – the only hot dog approved by jesus by yobeeyatch first come first serve you snooze you lose rules in full effect: we ran out of sausages, then buns, then dogs – poor poor late comers.

“you know I’ve cancelled that in my area hahaha my haha you’re either in or you’re out”


look I wish the world were a different place. I’d like to go n vacation and go and romp an…play… and just do that. you know what I mean? I mean… thhhaat’s what I want it to be. ok. that’s how I would would there’s times I would’ve liked to do that. but I can’t […]

TastesLikeHappy is *officially* public


TLH is a new site designed to engage people in sharing their favorite Taste Treats! That’s anything you lick, chop, suck, chew, swallow, or including all things that pass by your taste buds. It has all the social features of a web two-dot-oh site such that it should meld well with the www at large. […]

new number at the end of our man-kind’s datestamp


lets hope these next 365 days are as great or better than the last. celebrate life everyday.