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Outspark makers of Fiesta – company & store update

I’ve blahogged previously many times about this Fiesta thing. it’s going to be big – already at a claimed one million users. nevermind the fact that I haven’t played in weeks, I have some friends that are as hardcore dedicated to it as those WoW’ing fanatical friends most everyone knows at least one.

according to this venturebeat article, outspark has raised more money in VC funding – $22 mil. I suspect they are nearly breaking even as it is being that the outspark store has turned out to be quite popular. “hot” items such as the Perfect Red Eye which I myself have purchased – though I ended up destroying the item (an uber ZK bow) due to neglegance, hey really bad day ok? – for about $3.75 are near irresistable. additionally attractive are outsparks’ cutie-customes and *beauty shops* that allow players to personalize their toon as well that offer bonuses such as 7-10 crit % bumps.

now if my archer didn’t have such a hopeless future, I’d probably hop back in game and play tonight. but it does, and lvling some other class simply sounds unappealing.

in general, this game’s future (and company at large) revolves around how well outspark can pull a community and keep it together. so far, they are fortunate to have this much success considering the number of rampant bugs in various core game aspects that have needed to be fixed since CB1. however, it seems most users have gotten use to them, as shown by the continual population grown. this solid fact shines a favorable light on the game as a whole that I tend to agree with in spite of its shortcomings.

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  1. i like this game very much (without sparkcash)

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