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“you know I’ve cancelled that in my area hahaha my haha you’re either in or you’re out”

look I wish the world were a different place. I’d like to go n vacation and go and romp an…play… and just do that. you know what I mean? I mean… thhhaat’s what I want it to be. ok. that’s how I would would there’s times I would’ve liked to do that. but I can’t because… I know. I know. so… so [asdkfdfkhl] you know whatcha know I have to do something about it. it’s not… you know can sit here and wish it was different and then you look at it and you go this is it uhh ok and there’s that moment you go [crazy tom cruise *smile-softcoughlaugh*] you know I have to do something don’t I yeah I really have to do it because I can’t live with myself if I don’t and that really is it.

as I was listening I just had to try to get some of it down; took just about 10 minutes for that little blip above. seriously classic crazy. I’d transcribe the whole thing but it’s just too incomprehensible at times, and I don’t want any more Cruisey echos in my head. to summarize: he’s totally batshit insane, WE GET IT.

watch the video here >> the cruise indoctrination video scientology tried to suppress

I do what I can. and I do it… the way I do everything hehehahahahahah there’s nothing part of the way for me… *psheeewoosh!*

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