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Monthly Archives: February 2008

coding horror


in the latest article from my prefered programming-commentary blog, coding horror, aptly titled douchebaggery, Jeff Atwood calls some Rails OSX zealot named David a douche bag. I am inclined to agree, based simply on statements from David like this: I would have a hard time imagining hiring a programmer who was still on Windows for […]

RICH:China +$363 trillion >> POOR:U.S.A -$747 trillion


According to CIA public records of country government current account balances, the US is in some deep ass debt, falling behind a myriad of third world countries. Not that our debt is any mystery, seeing the a point-blank ranking of countries definitely drives the point – the Feds suck at managing our money. of course […]

“I Wanna Be The Guy” – old school platformer of insane difficulty


I Wanna Be The Guy is the most macochistic 2d sidescrolley-platformery-adventure game I’ve ever seen or heard of. it doesn’t appeal to me really, but I’m still fairly impressed by people who are great at these things. respect. like this guy, he has crazy mad platformer skill: as seen from the vid, iwbtg is inspired […]

1997 code snippet of The Sims “motivation”


This is the prototype for the soul of The Sims, which Will Wright wrote on January 23, 1997. I had just started working at the Maxis Core Technology Group on “Project X” aka “Dollhouse”, and Will Wright brought this code in one morning, to demonstrate his design for the motives, feedback loop and failure conditions […]

the Comcast seek and destroy Rumor Mill


last week my buddy abram posted a little blurb on some sketchy calls he has received about his new car’s warranty being up – it’s not, and they did not have the make/model/year. so he pondered, how the hell did this company get his cell #? perhaps it was comcast, selling or distributing (indirectly?) the […]

backwards world love in a


an exemplary independant film appropriate for today, happy valentines day. via ze’s blog

Ron Paul campaigns on


dismay swept over the Paul camp after “super tuesday,” but not much suprise – Dr. Paul didn’t win any states. most people figured he had thrown in the towel. he has not. in short, Ron Paul’s not campaigning to “win” the presidency, he’s a realist, remember. while he won’t outright say “we are not going […]

the 8 steps to a “traditional” online advertiser webpage


1.) random stock photos of asshappy people 2.) plethoria of extraneous flash animation(s) 3.) each page contains “quotes” that support a page’s “content” as well as answers to broad questions nobody asked 4.) all quotes include positive reinforcement words like “great, excellent, revolutionary, and !!” 5.) make superfulous use of statistics when quotes are not […]

how american’s spend their monies


via slantback, via azspot

macbook air thoughts, reviews


with a 3rd generation Macbook Pro as my current most-used-machine and a relatively good experience with it, I am actually a bit curious how apple’s newest portable offering stacks up. a small disclaimer, I am not a fan of apple: apple’s hardware is, in general, extremely overpriced; the air holds size/weight (or lack thereof) above […]

code reviews ala ‘wtf metric’


via slantback

“hawaii chair” brings the hula into the workplace, finally!


yipee! can’t wait for hawaii wheel-chairs. wtf?!?! via abrams.

super bowl sunday with girlfriend and grandma


in short – we caught the first 2-3 minutes (non game time) of super bowl 32 (XLII) consisting of the new england patriots and the new york giants. big frikken who gives a shit, right? anyway, grandma turned on the game because my grandpa would have, in life, been watching. Sarah and I both thought […]