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super bowl sunday with girlfriend and grandma

in short – we caught the first 2-3 minutes (non game time) of super bowl 32 (XLII) consisting of the new england patriots and the new york giants. big frikken who gives a shit, right? anyway, grandma turned on the game because my grandpa would have, in life, been watching. Sarah and I both thought the sentiment was incredibly sweet. so after the few fleeting minutes… we went to dinner.

upon our return, we actually sat through and enjoyed one hell of an upset in the last 12 minutes of the game. the key, and ultimately game winning play was ny giants qb eli manning’s 45 yard pass to receiver tyree. it was absolutely awesome to see – the escape and throw and the catch barely held onto on top of helmet. the completion lead to a shortly thereafter game winning touchdown, 2 min to spare. patriots immediately appeared defeated.

anyone and everyone, football hater or empathizer would have to admit how exciting that historical display ended up. congratulations NY Giants team and fans alike; way to crush an otherwise perfect NE Patriots season – not that I care, other than the addition to the magnitude of the win.

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