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macbook air thoughts, reviews

with a 3rd generation Macbook Pro as my current most-used-machine and a relatively good experience with it, I am actually a bit curious how apple’s newest portable offering stacks up.

a small disclaimer, I am not a fan of apple: apple’s hardware is, in general, extremely overpriced; the air holds size/weight (or lack thereof) above all – re the, uh, ultra-techy manila envelop test; the thinness (smallest at of .17″) is really a marketing cheat because it bows like a bowl (fattest at .76″); personal bias against apple products because I think S. Jobs is a douche who evidently believes he is the second coming.

– the first “review” (really more of a mini) comes from arstechnia – it compares four apple macbook’s (standard, pro, air, air SSD) to investigate by means of real-world and synthetic benchmarks as whether or not $1300 extra for an air SSD is a worthy investment. in short – it is a resounding NO – meek/no improvements in performance, battery life, and boot time over the standard air.

– secondly, anandtech who somehow works the air unplugged to nearly reaching the advertised 5 hour imaginary battery life, is quite a feat (another +~2 hours) compared to ars’ tests.

– lastly is the full blown ars thoroughbred thin is in review. (note: it is older than the above ars link) I skimmed most of it, and overall it seems pretty favorable. of note — durability is on par with the macbook pro,

even if I had millions upon sextillion dollars, I would not buy a macbook air. the x300 on the other hand, helloooo.


  1. I expect a notification from you when the x300 is available for purchase.

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  2. haha, I’ve had major spam problems… they may be fixed now though (wp upgrade!) *tries disabling login-requirement*

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