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the 8 steps to a “traditional” online advertiser webpage

Super Happy Stock Photo Guy!!

1.) random stock photos of asshappy people
2.) plethoria of extraneous flash animation(s)
3.) each page contains “quotes” that support a page’s “content” as well as answers to broad questions nobody asked
4.) all quotes include positive reinforcement words like “great, excellent, revolutionary, and !!
5.) make superfulous use of statistics when quotes are not enough (and even when they are)
6.) compliment the audience profusely, e.g. “You seem like a smart person….”
7.) …uniqueness…?
8.) profit!

inspired by atlas; most notably, their about page.

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  1. Man so many steps, no wonder they never make it to PROFIT!

    Posted on 12-Feb-08 at 7:36 pm | Permalink

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