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the Comcast seek and destroy Rumor Mill

last week my buddy abram posted a little blurb on some sketchy calls he has received about his new car’s warranty being up – it’s not, and they did not have the make/model/year. so he pondered, how the hell did this company get his cell #? perhaps it was comcast, selling or distributing (indirectly?) the contact info. additionally, abram wrote the consumerist a friendly little note with a heads up. they wrote back saying “oh, well, just subscribe to the do not call list” with little concern if there was indeed a scamola going on.

a few days later, he received a call from a legit (sounding) Comcast representative call letting him know he saw his blog post. “Frank assures me that Comcast is not selling any of their customers’ personal info to outside organizations, and then recommends I sign up for the Do-Not-Call list.”

now, the most interesting part about all this is that abram’s blog is under an alias, and in order to get his real (and up to date) contact info a decent amount of digging had to be done. so, this means Comcast has some sort of PR dept that actively and assertively seeks out and destroys rumors.

it likely went something like this: the representative received a tip (quite possibly from the consumerist) on the blog post, read it, whois’d the domain, looked up the real name in Comcast’s customer records db, retrieves cell phone #, and finally makes a friendly call to clarify and answer any other questions my bud abram had.

fairly impressive for a large company to go above and beyond to both save (Comcast) face and reassure customer. I wonder how often this sort of thing happens?

…perhaps the S&D Rumor Mill is in response to occurances such as this:

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