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coding horror

in the latest article from my prefered programming-commentary blog, coding horror, aptly titled douchebaggery, Jeff Atwood calls some Rails OSX zealot named David a douche bag. I am inclined to agree, based simply on statements from David like this:

I would have a hard time imagining hiring a programmer who was still on Windows for 37signals. If you don’t care enough about your tools to get the best, your burden of proof just got a lot heavier.


Apple will continue to trounce everyone else for the preferred geek platform. The stigma of being a Web programmer still using Windows will increase.

Jeff takes (understandably) personal offense, as he is a windows platform programmer, but rises above that simple fact by extracting the deeper offense and offering a logical retort to Dave’s insult:

…What purpose does the statement “stigma of being a Windows developer” serve? I can only think of one: David gets off on putting other people down.

And that makes him kind of a douchebag.

Which also means when you’re using Rails and OS X, you’re using the platform of choice for douchebags.

I admire Jeff’s wit as well as his coding-insight and that’s why I will always be a CH reader.

Don’t waste time arguing about the character select screen. Results speak loudest. Show the world what you can do in your programming environment of choice.

While I am no longer a windows coder, I use tools similar to those available on windows AND osx. I chose Ubuntu on my macbook pro because I prefer the interface over OSX and windows offerings. in the end, it makes no difference what platform you “use”, it’s what you create that defines you as a developer.

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