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Web Linky’s In No Particular Order or Category:

California City and County Sales and Use Tax Rates – Cities, Counties and Tax Rates

– there are 4 suzuki dealers within ~20 miles of me; my fav so far after speaking with all is Santa Rosa Powersports

San Francisco Bay Area Hiker

Asus Eee PC 900 review; actually interested in this thing, but not srsly til Intel Atom based version(s) emerge…

Compilation of Prez-Dubya dumb moments

No, Blackberry (Pearl?) owners can’t silence the Key Tone on number dialing :/

– Blackberry’s can send pictures to your linux desktop via Bluetooth really easily!; I’m a proud gnome-bluetooth user

Report of other DL650 ABS owners having to wait (weeks…) for dealers to get stock from Suzuki :(

– watched Helvetica last night; many interviews with some extraordinarily passionate people; I especially enjoyed the quarky German fellow, Erik Spiekermann

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