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Monthly Archives: May 2008



for years an’ years, my go-to for translations has always been … today, on my way to look up “va te faire foutre” I am redirected! oh my, no more Altavista. when did become according to ye’ ol’ wikipedia: 1.) “…AltaVista (part of Yahoo! since May 9, 2008)…” 2.) “After a long […]

attack of the terrible error msg


Error: Error occurred while rendering portlet – see provider log file for details no link, no nothing but an obsecure-tech riddled message with zero indication of how to remedy the issue. WTF?! …never a good msg to get upon resetting one’s password for the HR company that handles all my personal info. on the plus […]

what does this say about it’s owner?


…like what an overgrown-raised-truck-that-floors-it-between-red-traffic-lights says about the tiny package its driver has, you know, where it counts. that giggle you get knowing they’re over compensating for lacking any real virtue. presenting the smart car monster truck: [story linky, via justinsomnia!]

device identity crisis


is it a cell phone or a remote control? is it part lollipop too? well, whatever it is, it is from ESPN labs. enjoy sports fans. read more ova here p.s. this my remote, the logitech harmony 550, procured for $50: one sentence review: it does what I want and while it occasionally fucks up […]

HOMERLAND SEKURITI van spotted on highway 101


keep your laptop cool – mini review of the cooler master notepal


the $30 notepal == – a noticeably cooler (happier?) running laptop – usb powered with an extra port so you don’t lose one to power the silent running cooler fans – not so great comfortwise off-desk laptop experience, although a cooler lap overcomes comfort deficiencies – according to sensors, a few C cooler while running […]

damn you rhapsody, give me death cab


or should I say damn you Atlantic? who’s holding out here?! new Death Cab for Cutie and I can’t listen to it… (ok, ok, I get 30secs of each song. nothxfubai.) update 5/16: got a hold of the album; one “word” review: ehhh..

motorcycle stopping – with and without anti-lock breaks


how to annoy complete strangers


in a major chain retail store, on a major everybody-generally-celebrates-this-holiday, be non-shalant-friendly yet shushed as if giving-away-a-well-kept-secret-but-I-like-your-face kind of deal, say “hey, say that stuff is for your mom and you’ll get a discount (!)” to everyone you see. thanks guy, for your non-tip resulting in a dirty-no-there-is-no-such-discount-you’re-a-jerk-for-asking-look, ass.

tiny is hot – tumbleweed houses


I adore the absolute efficiency of these homes. while they fascinate me to the point of awe, I wouldn’t want one as my primary domicile. I like my big screen tv, multi-monitor desk, couch, chairs, (ahh dishwasher…someday) and closets…. but, if given the choice of one of these or an RV, tumble me a house […]

hard at work, demonstrating skill


another tough (fri)day at the office… thanks, justin!

Do you know The Whitest Kids I Know?


They know the truth about Abe Lincoln’s assassination: Makers of Forever Puppies: Celebrators of SATURDAY!!!!!!! Musicians of questionable ethics and talent: Pizza’s NOT for breakfast: And so much more… (disclaimer: many are nsfw & many more aren’t that funny)