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further stealership annoyances…

since purchasing my V-Strom from cyclewest, who assured me I was getting the bike on a “buddy deal,” I have received two return calls as a result of my multi-dealership inquiries back in april. the 2008 v-strom 650 abs has arrived, in great(er) numbers.

so much for getting it to me ahead of the game, jerkwads.

in believing them, I totally tossed out the negotiation card as well and paid premium. I’m not that upset about it because I love the bike, but it still ticks me off. so much so that I’m abandoning the “maintenance plan” and quite likely the “extended warranty” the dealership offered me.

I believed scarcity would drive up the cost regardless of dealership (which I suppose, may still be true…)

cest la ve~

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