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2009 suzuki v-strom 650

it looks like a tiger. grrr.

2009 orange v-strom dl650

while not exactly my style, I dig it. especially like the blacked out exhaust cover. I will have to paint mine

Update June 24 ’08: I researched and outlined the differences between the 2008 and 2009 v-strom – there are only a few.

Update June 30 ’08: I painted my exhaust cover black. :)

Update August 25 ’08: the new Wee Strom has been sighted (and purchased) from dealerships in Texas.

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  1. Tommy See

    I own a 2005 and Brother in-law bought the 2008 650 Wee with
    Side bags and top box. His will out pull me in a 50-80mph 6th Gear roll-on and gets better mileage! I think that the dual spark and ? makes his stronger.
    Please send me your thoughts! Thanks.


    Posted on 30-Nov-08 at 4:00 pm | Permalink

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