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Daily Archives: June 24th, 2008

japan gets the best commercials


so I need some scotch-brite for a project I’m doing this weekend. as for most things I need, I do a lil web research. I stumble across this ad for scotch-brite. looks old fashion, but it’s probably just retro old school. I dream of genie inspired?

700 mile observations of new 2008 v-strom 650


having just passed 700 miles (it started at 1!) and getting the ehh-ok at the 600 mile service – $170, overpriced oil change much? – I’ve noticed the bike running more and more smoothly and enjoying it more as well. from shifting to the power curve everything seems less jittery. part of this I am […]

2009 suzuki v-strom changes


the 2009 models have just started appearing on suzuki’s product website. here’s the scoop: colors: – 2009 V-Strom 650 ABS comes only in gray, 2008 is flat black (here’s mine!) – ’09 WeeStrom non-ABS comes in orange and gray, ’08 in flat black and wasp yellow. cosmetic changes: – gray version has matching gray rims. […]