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painting the suzuki v-strom exhaust shield

after seeing it done on various v-stroms, I decided this is a look I want to sport – My Ninja Wee.

removing the heat shield is simply unscrewing two hex screws:
removing the exhaust shield

naked pipe doesn’t look half bad:
dl650 bare exhaust pipe

I used krylon fusion camouflage ultra-flat black spray paint:
shield, paint and goo gone
the goo gone is here because I screwed up the first coat (d’oh.) goo gone will remove new spray paint quickly and completely in just a few minutes. just spray, let soak and wipe – dirty job but just the ‘undo button’ I needed.

finally a finished paint coat that looks great*:
painting finished (crappy picture)
* overall though, the paint job while the color matches the rest of the bike well, turned out a bit patchy because I ran out of paint with the first reject coat.

update, mid-July ’08: I have since sanded and applied another coat. this picture is a much better side shot and taken with a superior digital imaging device! enjoy – I know I do.
nate\'s wee strom

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