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Monthly Archives: July 2008

animated gif friday viii – planetary perspective


takes a few seconds longer to start than most ADD-anites can stand, but it’s worth it for dramatic effect, if you will. previously on agf…

naraku’s new outfit unveiled


finally chose and customized a new wordpress theme, based on plaintxtblog… comments welcome. (psst… another ad block too! *gasp*) update 8/16/08: a nice side effect of switching themes is that my bandwidth usage has nearly dropped by half, while this site’s number of pageloads continues to be on a steady incline. overall, I am very […]

Massachusetts state police motorcycle


perhaps they were burned one too many times by those pesky uber high speed sport bike utilizing criminals. and how handy, high speed tear gas deployment! it reminds me a bit of The Dark Knight’s new two-wheeled ride…

v-strom preload info & insight


general info: all it does is change your ride height and your sag it has no effect on suspension stiffness – use a stiffer spring and/or heavier fork oil up front to stiffen adjustment: stock vstrom 650 is 16 clicks from minimum, which is generally sprung too lightly, especially for the average american check the […]

Mr. T plus product placement pain


Mister T, the Aussie Snickers mascot. [image via jezebel and bauergriffin]

animated gif friday vii – batman


in light of the recent release of the newest Batman flick, The Dark Knight, it seemed like a good time to revisit batman roots. (click for the full edge-of-your-seat-experience) oh Adam West Batman, don’t drop the bomb! be sure to check out all the AGF fun…

tenacious tortoise taunts tiger tabby


v-strom 650 mpg – wee mileage – op. bus commute update


whist riding my my v-strom six fiddy (’08) over the past 2k miles (that’s all of them by the by, including break in and a majority of commuter miles) I have averaged 54 mpg. my fill up habits tend not to push the envelope – as it can potentially cause fuel pump failure – the […]

animated gif friday vi


today’s stars are… caffeine alcohol via iconbazaar, more molecules… previously on AGF, midget wrestling face slide.

presenting human ingenuity: the mowercycle


via slantback, via this guy’s flickr; neither have any further information into this great technology meld. it’s green powered, great exercise and honestly makes me want to plant a lawn (and build a mowercycle of mineown.)

operation commute: option B(us)


for about nine months now, my work-day has included commuting to Sausalito from Petaluma (and back.) I’ve done so via the Lazy American Way(tm,) that is driving only myself to and from work. most of that time, was spent listening to audiobooks in my reliable old benz and more recently, crusing the fast lane on […]

kickin’ back on two wheels


animated gif friday v


midget wrestling is seriously hardcore. update 11/08: animation link broken, check out the video below for all the face sliding action) previously on AGF, happy forth o’ july.

Suzuki SV650 vs DL650


I thought this was an interesting topic, since many find they must choose one over the other (including myself.) because each bike has essentially the same *heart* (engine,) how best to distinguish them? I came across this stromtrooper thread discussing the very subject. ** technical spec comparisons: SV650: 1/4 mile: 11.99 sec. @ 107.64 mph […]

heat map mashups – USA gas and home prices


USA Gas Price Heat Map USA Home Price Heat Map observations / comments: – it would be impossible for middle class mid-western family to move to CA – biggest observed contrast: what’s up with wyoming home prices?! – need a salary heat map to round out the comparisons!