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one year review of web host

(almost) one year ago I switched from dreamhost to nearlyfreespeech for my primary web hosting needs.

nearlyfreespeech logo

in a word: great! in one year I can count the issues I’ve had on one hand. I’ve spent about $15 on hosting for the year and only had downtime a couple times. their business mantra cannot be beat. it’s a bit like supporting a grass roots cause.

on a nitpicky note, nearlyfreespeech latency leaves a bit to be desired. the point click … load is not instant. I’d say about “a” second for most pages, sometimes two or three…. but always less than ten. :) this is via this website, naraku a wordpress blog, and my pet project Tastes Like Happy which is entirely isolated from any potential mysql db related latency (if there is any, I haven’t noticed.)

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