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operation commute: option B(us)

for about nine months now, my work-day has included commuting to Sausalito from Petaluma (and back.) I’ve done so via the Lazy American Way(tm,) that is driving only myself to and from work. most of that time, was spent listening to audiobooks in my reliable old benz and more recently, crusing the fast lane on my vstrom six-fiddy.

it’s not that bad and I’ve made the best of it by upgrading my ride. I will definitely continue to utilize the bike for commuting on nice days but I would like to move towards having more free time to do as I please – like play more video games!

so starting July 20th, for a month (and possibly forever onward, depending on how this little experiment goes,) I will be taking ye’ ol’ public transit.

the major downsides of this method are: the extra time it will take to get to and from work – estimating an extra hour per day, and the utter loss of flexiblity in my daily schedule. there are probably others; for instance, I hope the bus is clean, I don’t want to feel like I need another shower as soon as I get to work… these and the unknown(s) are what has kept me from hoppin’ on the bus thus far.

the experimental operation is: will the benefits of this option out-live the downsides? I’m going to give it four weeks to find out…

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