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v-strom 650 mpg – wee mileage – op. bus commute update

whist riding my my v-strom six fiddy (’08) over the past 2k miles (that’s all of them by the by, including break in and a majority of commuter miles) I have averaged 54 mpg. my fill up habits tend not to push the envelope – as it can potentially cause fuel pump failure – the liquid gas cools the pump! this means I get between 220 and 250 miles per tank – then dump between 3.5 and 4.5 gallons of petroleum based black gold.

I’m ok with this, because even though I live in California, which has the highest gas prices in all the land by far, I still pay just ~$20 per fillup. and while it’s cheaper than public transport, I am trying my darnest to keep on the goin’-green-goal for the month of july/august and possibly beyond. now if only they’d hook me up with a bus seat suite… or at least let me drink my fucking coffee!

photo update 8/1/08:
ride the strom

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