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Daily Archives: July 31st, 2008

animated gif friday viii – planetary perspective


takes a few seconds longer to start than most ADD-anites can stand, but it’s worth it for dramatic effect, if you will. previously on agf…

naraku’s new outfit unveiled


finally chose and customized a new wordpress theme, based on plaintxtblog… comments welcome. (psst… another ad block too! *gasp*) update 8/16/08: a nice side effect of switching themes is that my bandwidth usage has nearly dropped by half, while this site’s number of pageloads continues to be on a steady incline. overall, I am very […]

Massachusetts state police motorcycle


perhaps they were burned one too many times by those pesky uber high speed sport bike utilizing criminals. and how handy, high speed tear gas deployment! it reminds me a bit of The Dark Knight’s new two-wheeled ride…