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strommy gets a new pair of blinkers

I broke the right turn signal after dropping my vstrom for the second time ever (and in two days!)
broken vstrom signal
(actually, this pic was taken after a little emergency electrical tape was applied… it was too heartbreaking to capture though!)

fuck, I thought, not the “upgrade” I was planning anytime soon. but fortunately, peoples of the internets came to the rescue and delivered onto me this mod: a well-built yet cheap pair ($24) of buell turn signals fit the vstrom almost perfectly. just a handful of washers, a little due-diligence, and I’d be right as rain for half the price of one OEM suzuki vstrom signal ($43!!)

buell vstrom mod parts
(took a few trips to the hardware store to get the right parts, even though this helpful howto listed them all…)

success looks a little something like this:
buell signals on a vstrom
(though not my bike, the bonus is that this image makes up for last friday’s lack o’ AGF!)

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