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Monthly Archives: October 2008

this is THE END of movies


…a flickr group.         [via slantback!]

interface perceptions – elevator door close faster damnit


since becoming an avid elevator rider (two to four 7th floor round trips a day,) I’ve noticed my habit to press the button many times. there’s something downright visceral about doing something whilst waiting for the inevitable. generally, a concious effort is required to stop from repeatedly smacking that inconsequential button. [via slantback]

Suzuki favors Europe with additional V-Strom love


they get so many more options, from colors to new models. for instance, the DL650X which is not offered to America: The new non-ABS VStrom 650X has arrived on the scene to complement the range, still with the versatility to switch from urban sprawl to country lanes, but with the punchy and flexible v-twin engine. […]

soyo 26 inch lcd monitor – joy or ploy?


that is, was this impluse buy worthwhile or should I have just bought a comparable priced, known-quality 20-22″ screen? I bought a soyo pearl 26″ widescreen lcd (DYLM26E6) for ~$230 on utter compusion “thanks” to slickdeals… and unlike many folks, I received my order within a few days without a single hitch. other than the […]

a snowman in seven unicode chars


☃ (the coolest unicode ☃ ever) [via waxy and unicodesnowmanforyou]

RIP, my dear friend Sansa e280


at just over two years old, my audio companion was forcefully taken away. torn off my motorcycle-pants while traveling through Novato at 75 MPH on a three-lane portion of the 101 freeway. its last heard words were “…his appetite had just returned.” oh how I miss thee greatly. sentiments aside, it’s as if I tossed […]

California Bureau of Automotive reinstates assitive programs


I was totally expecting this program to be dropped due to all the CA budgety delays and global credit crisis’ riggamarole. anyway, good news for my old mercedes that has been sitting collecting bird crap and dust in front of my house. if you have a california vehicle that doesn’t pass smog, like I do, […]

just say no to Palin – animated gif friday xiv


related: video clip from Couric’s Palin interview…

sarah palin does not appear in a 2001 google search


why is this significant? well, it exposes her utter lack of political leader experience by showing that just seven years ago, she was completely off the radar. say McCain and Palin are elected and then he dies (not all that unlikely) – we now have a president who was a city council member, mayor of […]