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California Bureau of Automotive reinstates assitive programs

I was totally expecting this program to be dropped due to all the CA budgety delays and global credit crisis’ riggamarole. anyway, good news for my old mercedes that has been sitting collecting bird crap and dust in front of my house.

if you have a california vehicle that doesn’t pass smog, like I do, do not dismay! you will probably be granted assistance under reinstated program known as CAP (consumer assistance program.) just fill out the form found on the ca bureau of automotive website and then after receiving ‘yes, you’re in’ go get the repairs done. in theory, this saves me (and you?) a few hundred buckaronies.

Effective immediately, CAP Repair Assistance and Vehicle Retirement service contracts, as well as the Referee contract, have been reinstated. Today, October 6, 2008, services provided under the CAP contracts may resume. Consumers can contact CAP at (866) 272-9642.

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